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Industrial Combustion Engineers

About us

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I.C.E. - a major competitor in the Combustion and Systems Control Industry

A highly motivated British company, specialising in  the generation, application and control of energy providing a complete integrated service incorporating the application of Combustion Technology and Control Systems Engineering to Thermally Heated Industrial Processes.

In Safe Hands

You will be in safe hands with I.C.E. We are a Gas Safe Registered Company as well as being recognised by National Britannia as a Safe Contractor.

I.C.E. Engineers and Technologists
Our highly qualified and motivated team of Engineers and Technologists are fully skilled in the design, manufacture, installation and final commissioning of Thermal Plant and Process Equipment, involving all types of gaseous fuels :
u Distillate
u Medium and heavy oils
u Electrical Resistance Heating
u Thyristor drives.
I.C.E. Systems and Control panels
A major I.C.E. service. Each Unit, either for a small, single Burner Installation or a large Multi-Burner, Multi Channel Microprocessor PLC based unit will be evaluated, designed and manufactured with the same dedicated degree of skill, care and individual attention to detail.


Flexibility is our keynote to success and is of the utmost importance at every stage of production. Whilst, historically, Control Systems were, and still are, primarily orientated towards the control of Combustion Technology, systems have now been designed and manufactured for such diverse applications as an Environmental Control System for M.o.D. to a Batch Conveyor Transfer Processor for use in the Motor Vehicle Construction Industry.

Back-up Services

Our team of Combustion and Specialist Systems Engineers provide a back-up service for day to day issues associated with Industrial process applications, thereby resolving combustion problems.


I.C.E. are not associated with any specific Burner manufacturer. We are therefore able to specify the optimum Burner for any new combustion application or process, including updates and  modifications.

Specialist Skills

What is essential is the specialist working parameters of individual company employees. Based upon the premise of the new opportunities developing throughout a European and worldwide market place and the many diverse specifications contained therein, only a highly efficient and cost effective company is capable of responding to the challenges and mastering the many specialist requirements.  Herein lies our strength.

u Major volume food producers
u Chemical manufacturers
u Drop forging and heat treatment u Ferrous and non ferrous metal producers and manipulators
u Glass manufacturers
u Building Heating Systems
u Oil Refiners

   Our clients include: